Brand Definition Workshop DJ May 26, 2022

Brand definition workshop

Define your brand’s uniqueness and set yourself apart

Are you rebranding? This is the first step to establishing a firm foundation to build your brand on.


Your brand strategy is the core of what your business stands for and why it exists.

Communicating this through your brand is key to creating ongoing success.


In-person or online workshops + Comprehensive Workbook


You will be positioned to grow and ready to efficiently market your business!

Who is it for?

Business owners and leaders that need clarity on how to position their business to grow.

Business Leaders

Is your business in the process of rebranding? Often it’s essential to revisit or rebuild your brand strategy. This way your business will be positioned well with a strategy to build your marketing upon.

Business Owners

In order to succeed in today’s competitive landscape, you need an effective strategy to stand out. This course will walk you through creating a brand strategy that will help you position yourself in the market to grow!

What you will learn


Brand Core

Creating the core of what your business stands firm upon. This includes your brand purpose, mission, vision and core values


Audience & Positioning

Determining your audience and whom your brand is best to serve. Then, defining how your brand is different from your competition.



Your brand essence like it were a person. Giving it a personality to communicate visually and audibly.


Brand Concept

What is your brand concept and how does that begin to take shape in your marketing?


Brand Voice & Messaging

Bring the brand to life through messaging to effectively communicate your value proposition.


Brand Implementation

How to implement all of the above in your social profiles, website and marketing.

What will Brand Definition Workshop do for my business?

Position your business for success by uncovering what sets you apart from your competitors

Create a clear picture of who your ideal audience is and how to communicate with them

Unify your team with a clear purpose, vision, mission, core values and more!

Create a solid foundation to build your marketing strategy upon

Taught by an Experienced Industry Expert

Learn from our industry-leading branding agency owner to help position your business for growth.

Hannah Wheeler | Co-founder & Brand Strategist

Hannah is a co-founder, Creative Director and Brand Strategist of Zap. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, her experience in the field and talent are showcased through the powerful brand identities and interactive designs she creates. Hannah is skilled at developing strong brands by encapsulating an organization’s core values and personality. She flourishes by identifying new opportunities for continuous growth and strategically executes them with intent. Hannah is passionate about working closely with clients and helping them achieve their goals.

What our clients have to say:

Workshop Schedule

Number of Sessions: 3
Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (CST)


Join us in a private setting to learn how to create your brand strategy together. You will be equipped to finalize your strategy during the course.

Dates: Flexible to your schedule





Join us with your team during 3 private sessions to discover the secret ingredient to your brand’s success. After the workshop is complete, we will compile your strategy into a custom-curated document to share with your team.

Dates: Flexible to your schedule



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