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The Thriving Brand Program

Pivot, reposition and accelerate your growth.

Prepare to elevate your brand to unprecedented levels of success with The Thriving Brand Program. Join us on an adventure into the realm of brand innovation and growth, where we'll equip you to propel your business to new heights.

About the program

The Thriving Brand Program is a comprehensive course designed to equip companies ready to rebrand, reposition or pivot with a strong brand strategy and implementation plan. Dive deep into the foundational elements of brand strategy, from defining your brand core to crafting a compelling brand concept. Then, accelerate your growth with an actionable implementation plan and strategic marketing strategies tailored to your unique business goals. With expert guidance and practical insights, this program equips you to not only survive but thrive in today’s competitive market landscape.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re an established leader seeking to refine your skills, stepping into a new leadership role, or eager to upskill and expand your capabilities, the Thriving Brand Program is tailored to empower professionals at every stage of their journey. If you’re committed to driving innovation, maximizing growth opportunities, and positioning your brand for success, this program is for you.

What you will learn

Brand Core - 3 hours

The core of what your business stands firm upon. This includes your brand purpose, mission, vision and core values. We will guide you through analyzing and adjusting your Brand Core to set the foundation for your brand strategy.

Audience & Positioning - 3 hours

Determining your audience and whom your brand is best to serve. Then, define how your brand is different from your competition to set you apart and better connect with your ideal client/customer.

Personality - 2 hours

Your brand essence as if it were a person. Giving it a personality to communicate visually and audibly. Does your brand’s personality connect with your ideal client or customer? If not, we’ll explore ways to do so.

Brand Concept - 2 hours

What is your brand concept and how does that begin to take shape in your marketing? This concept will guide how you present your brand to the marketplace.

Brand Voice & Messaging - 2 hours

Bring the brand to life through messaging to effectively communicate your value proposition. 

Brand Implementation - 2 hours

How to implement your strategy with consistency in your, sales, website and marketing. Then you can guide your team through future strategic brand planning.

Marketing Plan & Systems - 2 hours

Organization and systems on how to efficiently plan your marketing, manage your leads and schedule social posts.

Search Engine Marketing - 2 hours

Optimize your web presence so Google favours you over your competitors and be found for what your audience is searching for.

Content Marketing - 2 hours

Bringing your brand to life through content creation for your social channels, email marketing and more.

Campaign Strategy + Lead Generation - 2 hours

How to create a strategic campaign concept and map out an implementation plan that will reach your goals.

Recap and Roadmap - 2 hours

We’ll review everything you’ve done through the program and guide you through creating a roadmap for your success.

What’s included

Workbook & Video Recordings

You will be provided with a printed and digital workbook along with video recordings to support the creation of your strategy and plan.

6-Months Complimentary Access to our Group Coaching

After the course, you will receive 1-month complimentary access to our Brandventure Club Membership where we support you with weekly group coaching and valuable resources to guide you in  implementing your plan.

Why is this course beneficial?

Strategic Foundation

Gain a solid foundation in brand strategy, including defining your brand purpose, audience, and unique positioning in the market.

Implementation Guidance

Receive practical guidance on implementing your brand strategy across all touchpoints, from sales to marketing, ensuring consistency and alignment with your brand vision.

Accelerated Growth

Develop a tailored marketing plan and systems to generate leads, optimize your web presence, and create strategic campaigns that drive tangible results and accelerate your business growth.

Curated Content

Learn how to bring your brand to life through compelling content creation, leveraging social channels, email marketing, and more to engage your audience and enhance brand visibility.

Recap and Roadmap

Wrap up the program with a comprehensive review of your progress and achievements, culminating in the creation of a roadmap for continued success, ensuring you're equipped to navigate the future with confidence and clarity.

Taught by Experienced Industry Experts

Learn from industry-leading branding agency owners to help position your business for growth. Teaching practical and relevant marketing that they experience daily.

Hannah Wheeler | Co-founder & Brand Strategist

Hannah is a co-founder, Creative Director and Brand Strategist of Zap. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, her experience and talent have won a global award and are showcased through the powerful brand identities and interactive designs she creates. Hannah is skilled at developing strong brands by encapsulating an organization’s core values and personality. With over 10 years of multi-disciplinary purpose-driven design, Hannah is excited to help your company grow.

DJ Wheeler | Co-founder & Implementation Specialist

DJ is a co-founder and the Implementation Specialist of Zap. He is an innovative problem solver and creative thinker. DJ is meticulous and thorough in his work, ensuring that all website processes and touchpoints work together seamlessly. He is skilled at developing responsive websites that perform and strategically reflect each brand. DJ excels at developing and implementing high-quality web capabilities that drive traffic and results to our client’s websites.

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The Experience

Learn Live

Join us live in person of virtually in an interactive and encouraging environment so you can get the most out of the training.

Time Commitment

8 half-days spanned across 8 weeks so you have time to work through what you’ve learned and complete the course equipped and ready to grow.

1:1 Follow-up Consultation

Once you’ve complete the course, we will meet with you and your team to ensure everyone is on the same page with your implementation plan.

Earn a Thriving Brand Certificate

Upon completing this course and demonstrating a clear understanding of what you’ve learned, you’ll receive a professional certificate to share with your network and showcase your accomplishments.

Upcoming course dates

Number of Classes: 8
Course length: 24 hours
Class times: Thursdays
Mornings: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (CST)
Location: In-person or online
Class capacity: 20


  1. May 9 – June 27
  2. June 6 – July 23

$9,994 (tax included)

The Thriving Brand Program is designed to empower participants like you to navigate the complexities of brand strategy and marketing with confidence and clarity. Don’t just survive in today’s competitive landscape—thrive.

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