Speaking Engagements DJ July 25, 2023

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Meet Hannah Wheeler

Co-founder & Brand Consultant

Hannah is a co-founder, Creative Director and Brand Consultant of Zap. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, her experience and talent have won a global award and are showcased through the powerful brand identities and interactive designs she creates. Hannah is skilled at developing strong brands by encapsulating an organization’s core values and personality. With over 10 years of multi-disciplinary purpose-driven design, Hannah is excited to help your company grow.

Speaking topics

Brand Strategy

Capturing the essence of your brand that sets the tone and direction upon which your brand will flourish.

Brand Identity

How to craft a verbal and visual brand identity that brings your strategy to life and embodies the essence of your brand.

Brand & Culture

The intersection of external brand and internal brand where the team is aligned with the core vision, values and purpose of the company.

Personal Branding

Every founder has a unique story and experience. Learn how to craft your unique brand that will connect and resonate with your audience on a deeper level.

Packaging Design & Compliance

Learn the secrets behind buyer behaviours that make your product irresistible on the shelf (and compliant) for your ideal buyer.

The Art of Brand Building

Master the art of brand building by creating a strategy that will help you stay consistent, creative and on-brand with every touchpoint to build a leading brand.

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