Reconnect Workshop DJ March 19, 2023

Reconnect Workshop

Bring your team together to recharge and boost culture

About the Reconnect Workshop

The Reconnect Workshop is essential for workplacesof all sizes as it helps a skilled team recharge and reconnect.In the workshop, our instructor will guide your team to connect, have fun, and feel empowered. This will lead to an improved and an uplifted workplace culture.


About the Plant Vibe Terrarium Workshop

Plant Vibe provides a unique and relaxing team-building experience through terrarium building. This workshop is simple and fun for any skill level and everyone will have a beautiful terrarium to enjoy at their desk or at home. Each participant will come away uplifted and refreshed.

Benefits for your team

Relieves Stress

We all need an escape from our daily meetings and busy calendars to relieve stress. Our workshops are an opportunity to step away from our busy schedules to unwind and enjoy creating a terrarium together.

Therapeutic value

Making a terrarium is relaxing, fun and enjoyable. This is a great way to unwind and be creative, even if you don’t think you are. Each kit comes with a sample of essential oil to turn your terrarium into a natural diffuser as well!

Relationship building

Connecting as a team for a social event promotes relationship building. As your team’s relationships grow, so do their job satisfaction and productivity.

What our clients are saying

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Styles for anyone

Plant Vibe has a wide variety of kits to fit everyone’s style. From forest to desert and mountain to ocean, there’s a vibe for you.

Choose from 8 curated kits to match the vibe of your space.

The experience


Building a terrarium is straight-forward and fun. No green-thumb needed as our instructor will guide you through creating a beautiful terrarium.


As part of the experience, Plant Vibe has curated playlists to set the vibe for building your terrarium, whether relaxed or upbeat.


As part of building your terrariums, Plant Vibe includes a small vial of essential oil, turning your terrarium into a natural diffuser. Diffusing essential oils promotes a variety of health benefits.

How it works

Book your workshop

Finalize your number of participants, select your date and time and submit your order. If shipping to each individual, we will request a spreadsheet with each of your participants addresses.

Kit arrival

Your kits will arrive anwhere from 1-4 days before your workshop. Each participant will need to remove their plant from the packaging to care for it until your workshop. Watering it once and placing it by some light is all that is needed.

Enjoy your workshop

On the day of your workshop, our instructor will join you on the video platform of your choice to guide you through making your terarriums. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their progress.

Workshop options

Choose the option that’s best for your team

Starting at

$65 / kit

Group discounts available


β€’ 4.9” Glass Bowl
β€’ Succulent
β€’ Gravel
β€’ Charcoal
β€’ Soil
β€’ Decoration
β€’ Skewer
β€’ Watering glass
β€’ Essential oil sample
β€’ Care instructions
β€’ Music playlist(s) for your team
β€’ Instructional video

This package includes everything you need to run your workshop. Participants get to choose from a variety of options.
Starting at

$65 / kit + $150

Group discounts available + Instructor fee

Includes everything listed in the Self-led option.Β 


One of Plant Vibe's friendly staff will virtually guide you through a relaxing and enjoyable terrarium-making experience that offers fun and therapeutic value.

Duration: 30-45 minutes

This package includes everything you need for your workshop. Participants get to choose from a variety of options.

$65 / kit +$997

plus applicable taxes

In the Reconnect Workshop, one of our brand culture experts will facilitate a unique experience designed to align and reignite your team.Β 

In the workshop, we will lead your staff through creating or recreating your brand manifesto. (The values, and ideals that your brand lives by and stands behind). This exercise will empower your staff to be part of shaping the brand from the inside out.

We will end the session with a recap of what you've created and we will create a branded document to share with your team.

Duration: 1-hour

This workshop will take place after your team has completed their terrariums.

Plant Vibe Booking FAQs.

We do, however we are unable to ship plant matter across the border, so a plant will have to be sourced locally.

For any orders over 20 kits, we request a minimum of 4 weeks notice to allow for kit asssembly and shipping

Fortunately, essential oils are 100% pure and there’s no need to be concerned about scent sensitivities. Also, putting the essential oil in your terrarium is optional if you prefer not to use it.